2018 EMP

This Environmental Management Programme (EMP) provides an overarching framework for the management and regulation of all equestrian activities in the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). The EMP covers all horse riding and other forms of activities involving horses that may arise from time to time in the TMNP currently and into the future (hereafter referred to as “equestrian activities”).

This EMP only addresses equestrian activities within the defined extent of the TMNP and does not discuss such activities on any other private and public land, either adjacent to the TMNP or separate from it. The EMP may however prove useful in discussions with other landowners across the Peninsula Mountain Chain (PMC) regarding access, especially where it can be integrated with the approved TMNP routes.

The primary aim of this EMP is the sustainable utilisation of a natural asset with an emphasis on biodiversity management and diverse recreational opportunities in the TMNP.

This EMP is a revision of the “Environmental Management Programme for Horse Riding in the Table Mountain National Park” signed in March 2004 (hereafter called the “2004 EMP”), which was compiled by the Cape Peninsula Horse Riding Working Group and SANParks. Many changes have occurred in TMNP since 2004, not least of which is the incorporation of the Tokai area into the TMNP (Tokai was not included in the 2004 EMP as at that time it was under the control of the forestry department).

Please click on the links below to download the draft 2018 Environmental Management Programme (EMP)

EMP in Microsoft Word