Table Mountain Equestrian Forum

The Table Mountain Equestrian Forum (TMEF) was established by the equestrian community in 2018 to facilitate the update of the Environmental Management Programme (EMP) for horse-related activities in Table Mountain National Park, at the request of SANParks. The mountain bikers undertook a similar exercise during 2016/17, and used their EMP process to have a number of new mountain biking trails approved. Similarly the dog walkers have also conducted an EMP process recently.

The Tokai District Riding Association (TDRA) initiated and led the update of the equestrian EMP with focus groups held with other equestrian organisations that make use of the Table Mountain National Park, from Constantia (for Cecilia), Hout Bay (for Sandy Bay and Orange Kloof), Noordhoek, and Glencairn/Red Hill. The TMEF has taken over the responsibility for the EMP and is currently being constituted with Lesley Roos and Sarah Heatherington having been requested to head up the TMEF and manage the process. Both individuals are professionals in environmental management and government procurement tenders respectively.

Interested riders were requested to review the draft of the EMP on this site and submit comments and suggestions to their regional contact person by 31 May 2018. The details of the regional contact people are found on the contacts tab. The aspects each region were requested to comment on are provided in the summary at the bottom of this page.

A meeting to finalise the draft Environmental Management Plan (EMP) document before submission to SANParks, in particular the maps of trails, will be held on 18 July 2018 at 19:00. Please rsvp to in order to attend this important meeting. Details on the venue for the meeting will be provided to attendees who respond. Thereafter other stakeholder groups (cyclists, dog walkers, hikers) will be consulted for their input. A public comment period will then be held at SANParks’ discretion as part of the EMP process before the document is finalised.

Please make sure to input into this critical process – this is an ideal opportunity to discuss new proposed trails or any other concerns your equestrians have with TMNP management processes or any issues with other user groups.

Aspects each region were requested to provide feedback on by 31 May 2018 with correspondence to be sent to :

  1. Edit the text relevant to their riding area (sections 4.3.1 – 4.3.5).
  2. Review their particular map in Appendix B and note any additions or edits.
  3. Check Section 2, and in particular Table 1 to ensure that you are in agreement.
  4. Make sure that any acronyms or terms used in relation to your region are attributed correctly.
  5. Comment on or add to section 1.3, including Box 1 (which provides a history of horses and equestrian activities that is considered important background and context to the EMP).
  6. Comment on the Code of Conduct in section 4.6, as this will become something ALL equestrians using TMNP will need to adhere to.


The regions were also advised the following “This EMP process is very crucial for all equestrians to be aware of and participate in, so please share the draft through your region’s networks to as many people as possible. Please coordinate responses from your region so that the TDRA does not carry the entire burden of consolidating all comments. Consolidated responses in track changes or comment bubbles will be most appreciated. You are also welcome to draw corrections on your map and scan it back in for us, or make an appointment to work with the map expert volunteer to correct your map in person.”